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This is the blog of Nathan Rajlich <>.
Currently living in San Francisco, CA right by AT&T park.


Currently a JavaScript engineer at Automattic (formerly Cloudup), and having a blast revolutionizing the sharing scene!

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Atom (RSS) Feed Added2016.02.29

A long time ago, some people on Twitter asked me to add an RSS feed to this blog.

CSS `color: Highlight` is broken2014.08.29

CSS2 defined a concept of System Colors, which allowed the web page author to leverage colors defined by the operating system. This made emulating native OS controls possible within the page.

Converting a C library to gyp2012.10.02

gyp, short for "Generate Your Projects", is a build system written by Google that was specifically designed to build their Chromium web browser. gyp makes it easy to develop such a large project because the developers can create and test each piece individually by defining self-contained "targets". Then at Release-time, gyp makes it easy to stitch the "targets" together into a single statically linked executable. Ryan Dahl once called it "the module-system of C".