Powering Ghost with sqlite3 on Now

tl;dr This blog is now powered by SQLite3, rather than MySQL. This ends up working well with Now!

Yesterday, I accidentally deleted the few blog posts that I had on this blog. I'm working on restoring them shortly.

This happened because the external MySQL database that was powering this blog was upgraded, and some configuration settings were lost in the process. I'm sure the actual data is still on the server but I haven't had the chance to dig in quite yet.

Volatile data sucks! So I'm taking this opportunity to migrate this blog away from a "live" MySQL database, and move to a sqlite3 database. The advantage with this setup is that developing your blog using the sqlite3 storage backend fits really well with the Now deployment paradigm; you develop locally, and then deploy to Now when you are happy with the changes and want to deploy to a live URL. The sqlite3 database gets copied in its entirety to every Now deployment, making the data immutable and persistent. And best part is no more maintaining an external database on a remote server.

This blog is also now a proper fork of now-examples/ghost. This means that it's deployed as a standard "npm" deployment type, whereas before it was a "docker" deployment type with a custom Dockerfile. Changes are deployed a lot faster now!